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The Sender cover

The Sender

Can an inspirational card from a secret sender really help change your life? For Abby, Kat, Patti and Tessa, it seems to hold that extraordinary quality.

The card instructs each woman to hold it in their possession for six months before sending it on, with an invitation to meet the sender two years from the date of its inception. From Edinburgh to Glasgow, York to Cambridge, the card is sent on a journey to impart its magic.

But who is the sender and what was their motive? And why were they the chosen ones?

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This is Toni’s third novel; the first one she used as a testing ground, and the second was written during her “Eat Pray Love gap year” in a small village in Italy. She is currently writing her next novel, Benevolence, and reworking The Gift.

Originally from New Zealand, she has lived in the UK, UAE and Italy and has been writing novels, short stories, poetry and quotes since she was in single figures. Read more….