Quotes by Toni

Your first book is the promise you make. 

If you’re not empathetic and you’re not sympathetic, then you do the literary maths.

Her destiny was bigger than she was and she was eager to embrace it.

Some people aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They come out sucking a solid platinum soup ladle!

I don’t want to be “remembered”. I want to be there with you. But, if I can’t be there with you, then I want to be remembered.

My body shows the map of my journey.

One more day is another day further from the past and closer to the future.

Don’t be a leaf-blower: a lazy, selfish piece that blows debris from your own backyard into someone else’s.

The world is not round. It’s full of sharp edges.

You can edit six times or sixty. The finish line will just keep moving unless you draw it in.

I’m trying to earn my eulogy.